The CW-1 Visor System

The new Shoei CW-1 Visor is the perfect companion to the fntastic Q.S.R.A System. With an enlargement of both horizontal and vertical dimensions, increasing the overall aperture results in a much vaster field of vision and a far greater comfortable riding experience.

Shoei's visor is made of a strong polycarbonate material, their long history and experience in molding this material guarantees ultra clear vision with absolute minimum distortion.

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    The new CW-1 Visor with Q.R.S.A. System

    SHOEI's release of the CX-1 visor included technical innovations that quickly became de facto industry standards and have been adopted by many other manufacturers.

    During the development of the next generation full-face SHOEI helmet we decided to re-think the design of the CX-1 as well.

    As a result we came up with the CW-1 featuring Q.R.S.A. (Quick Release Self Adjusting), a brand new concept designed from scratch with nothing in mind but maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Q.R.S.A. (Quick Release Self Adjusting) Systemarrow
    Q.R.S.A. (Quick Release Self Adjusting) System

    Several factors have to be considered when choosing the perfect position of the opening/closing axis of a visor. The visor angle position has to guarantee an easy and convenient opening of the system as well as a perfect position of the visor to the shell when closed. These contradictory requirements are almost impossible to meet with a fixed axis system.

    The perfect solution of this problem is our new Q.R.S.A. System where a variable axis is moved back and forth by a coil to attain the perfection position.

    The mechanism enables the Pinlock Fog-Free lens to be moved upwards and improve the closing contact with the window beading even more.

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    Newly Developed CW-1 Visor

    The visor is made of polycarbonate. SHOEI´s long history and experience in molding this material guarantees ultra clear vision with minimum distortion.

    Almost 100% of UV rays are blocked and a special hard coating is applied to the surface to protect the visor from scratches.

  • Characteristics of Q.R.S.A.+CW-1 Visorarrow
    Characteristics of Q.R.S.A.+CW-1 Visor

    Substantially Extended Upper Vision of Pinlock Fog-Free Lens

    Especially sporty riders with a riding style leaning forward close to the motorcycle need an  extended upper vision. With this in mind the new shape of the Pinlock Fog-Free Lens has been designed.

    The Combination of a 2-layer construction with an air chamber between  the visor and lens together with a special anti-fog coating results in a Fog Free view even under difficult circumstances such as rain or cold weather.

  • Pre-set Opening and Visor Lockarrow
    Pre-set opening and Visor Lock

    The Q.R.S.A. System features SHOEI’s own visor lock and pre-set lever for easy handling and maximum fog protection. The system can be closed or opened easily to allow a maximum circulation of air between visor and lens.