› Can I purchase products directly from you?
Unfortunately not, we are the wholesaler and all of the products on the website are available to purchase from our network of SHOEI retailers.
› How can I find my local retailer?
You can find information on your local retailers by clicking on the dealer locator at the top of the page.
› What if my product develops a fault after the warranty has expired?
You will need to return the item along with proof of purchase back to your retailer who will process the claim for you. Please note that we can not deal directly with customers warranty issues. Any issues that you may have will need to be taken up with the dealer from where you purchased the Helmet.
› Why do you recommend I purchase from a SHOEI Assured Centre?
Our SHOEI Assured centres all have a full range of helmets and spares in stock along with fully trained staff with the expertise to sell you a correctly fitted helmet.
› What if my local store does not have the product I want in stock?
No problem, they are able order the item from Feridax for delivery usually within 48 hours.
› What if the model I want is not listed on your website?
If you have seen a helmet listed on the SHOEI Europe website that is not available in the UK then it can be specially ordered from your local SHOEI Assured Centre. The retailer will be able to confirm price and expected delivery date at the time of order.
› What kind of warranty do you offer on your products?
All of our products come as standard with a one year guarantee against manufacture defect.
› What do I do if my product develops a fault within the warranty period?
You will need to return the item along with proof of purchase back to your retailer who will process the claim for you.
› How long does it take to resolve a warranty issue?
Your retailer will be able to advise at the time of return as this does depend on the nature of the issue.
› What if my product develops a fault after the warranty has expired?
We do offer a repair service but any work done out of warranty will be chargeable. The issue will need to be discussed with your retailer who will then be able to confirm the cost and organise the repair.
› Who do I contact if I need any spare parts?
Your local retailer is able to order spare and replacement parts for you.

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